Formed in 2008 we are an independent manufacturer of a managed video security and monitoring system costing just £1 per day.

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Our system has many unique features ensuring a reliable cost effective solution to video security and monitoring.

Here are some of our achievements.

We installed cameras in this company following reports of misuse to property. Within 12 hours the cameras recorded somebody taking fuel from its fuel tanks.

This company found it was having catalytic converters stolen from its vans costing £1000 each to replace.

Following installation of cameras the incidents stopped .

This well know charity store has had many incidents of theft and abuse to staff. The introduction of Video Protect reduced the numbers of both and has led to several successful prosecutions.
The staff at this Sports and Social club were troubled when they found individuals, who were not members, had entered the premises. This was of concern to the female staff. Following introduction of the Video Protect system the staff were happy in the knowledge that they were less vulnerable.
This courier company was having trouble with one staff member who was reportedly abusing the trust of the manager while he was off site (coming in late and generally messing around). The introduction of our camera system enabled the manager to effectively deal with the situation - much to the delight of the other staff members.

When thieves broke into this company they stole the video camera but, as all storage is off site, they could not remove the evidence. The system captured a perfect picture of the camera being ripped off the wall.

The culprits were known to the owner and apprehended. To view PDF of incident click here

Losses at this charity store were estimated to be over £20 per day. Having installed a camera (costing £1 per day) almost all losses appear to have stopped.
Following vandalism in this company's car park we installed a camera, since that time no incidents have been reported.